Namibia a success story in ICT

WINDHOEK: Namibia is doing very well in terms of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) compared to some developed countries in Europe and Asia.

This is according to the visiting Deputy Secretary-General of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), Houlin Zhao, who arrived here on Wednesday on an official visit.

Speaking in the capital on Thursday during a meeting with the Minister of Information and Communication Technology Joel Kaapanda and officials from the Communications Regulatory Authority of Namibia (CRAN), Houlin said Namibian ICT is doing quite well.

“You have achieved a lot in providing IT services to your people. You are at a much higher level than most of the developed countries,” he stated, adding that Namibia is one of the African countries which is better organised and developed.

Houlin, who is poised to take over from current ITU Secretary-General Hamadoun Touree in October this year, said the ITU will use Namibia as en example of a success story.

“We will want to showcase to the world Namibia’s advancement in ICT. We want to use Namibia as model to the world in its endeavours to develop its ICT,” he said.

He then encouraged the country to continue investing in ICT for sustainable development.

On his part, Kaapanda requested the ITU to host some of its conferences in Namibia to promote the country’s profile.

“Use Namibia as conference venue for ITU activities in order to attract more investment in ICT,” he said, adding that inadequate ICT is also a deterring factor for tourist attraction.

Kaapanda also requested that the the union avail experts to help the country in drafting a cyber security legal framework and broadband policy framework.

“We have challenges in drafting these legal documents and we need support from ITU to solve these challenges,” he indicated.

Houlin said he will look into the request as the organisation is also hoping to become more visible in southern Africa.

The ITU Deputy Secretary-General on Thursday also met with Deputy Prime Minister Marco Hausiku.

Houlin is being accompanied by ITU programme officer Anne Semboga, and is expected to leave Namibia on Friday.