Namibia Needs More Scientists – Nujoma

There is a need for more scientists in the country in order to wipe out hunger in Namibia, the founding president Dr Sam Nujoma said on Saturday.

He made the remarks during the launch of the Hifikepunye Pohamba Foundation when he also called on the public to support the foundation. “This foundation is important because we need more scientists in this country so that we can wipe out poverty and it [HP Foundation] can help nurture those careers. I therefore urge all of you to dig deep in your pockets and pledge big,” said Nujoma. “We must support this initiative so that every Namibian child can be educated,” said the founding president.

Nujoma made reference to the United Kingdom, which is far smaller than Namibia in terms of size and resources, but thrives because it supports the education of all its citizens including those resident in its former colonies. “They are a small island, but they are great because they make sure every British child, including those in the colonies, are educated. If we can do the same then we can be better than them,” said Nujoma. “We have one of the finest uranium in the world, the best beef, the ocean and enough land surface for farming, therefore if we educate our children from pre-primary to university, we can be better than the British,” he said. “God took time to make this country. When you dig you will find uranium that is available. Even if it does not rain, people can grow fruit and vegetables in the desert such as bananas and apples using sea water, because the desert is already de-bushed,” he enthused. Nujoma said the southern part of Namibia has very fertile soil that can support agricultural projects that could be watered with desalinated seawater using uranium that is in abundance in the country. “Our ocean is so special and it is filled with fish, because we have the Benguela Current which is not found anywhere else in the world. Therefore we need to work hard to produce (food),” said the veteran politician.

Nujoma said professions such as geology and marine biology have the potential to eliminate hunger in the country and make Namibia self-sufficient in food production.

Source : New Era