Namibia Passes Competition Law Peer Review

NAMIBIA has passed the competition law peer review test of 193 countries. This took place at the experts meeting on competition policy and law of the United Nations Conference on Trade and Economic Development (UNCTAD) meeting held in Geneva, Switzerland recently.

In July 2013, UNCTAD approached Namibia for a voluntary peer review as it is considered one of the fastest growing competition authorities in the world. Namibia formally consented to the proposal and the review exercise was carried out by UNCTAD in November 2013.

During the UNCTAD peer review meeting, the Chief Executive Officer of the Namibian Commission Commission, Mihe Gaomab II, was elected as the vice-president and cum-rapporteur of the experts meeting on competition policy and law of UNCTAD.

The UNCTAD experts meeting on competition policy and law seeks to further the understanding and nature of competition law and policy, and its contribution to the development and creation of an enabling environment, for efficient functioning of markets of the UN member states.

Gaomab said in a statement that undertaking a peer review is great for any young and fledgling competition authority as it needs to show that it has fulfilled the required standards of institutional development, proper administration and implementation of the competition law.

Source : The Namibian