Namibia to Host World Karateka Champs

Namibia has “conditionally accepted” to host the 2016 JSKA Shotokan World Championship after a stunning second-placed finish at the latest edition of the event in Terni, Italy.

The JSKA World Championships is considered to be one the most prestigious karate events in the world and is held every two years.

“This offer was extended to Namibia as the JSKA management (Shiankai) was astounded by the excellence of Namibian karate, and was thoroughly impressed by the discipline and good conduct displayed by the Namibian karateka and the quality of management,” said Namibia Shotokan Karate chief instructor Willem Burger, who “conditionally accepted this offer, as some arrangements still needed to be finalised and bedded down.”

Burger added that hosting the 2016 JSKA World Championship will be a major milestone for Namibian karate as it is expected that more than 45 countries will be part of the event.

“This will be the opportune time to once again create awareness to all as to the wonders that our beautiful country and its people have on offer,” he said.

According to Burger, the Namibian team put on a sterling performance as they made history by beating many world class teams, enabling them to obtain second place overall in the medals standings.

Namibia now boasts seven new world champions after amassing 56 medals – comprising of seven gold, 15 silver medals and 34 bronze medals to mark a successful trip to Italy.

“The competition was fierce as it was attended by the most talented karateka from the most prominent karate countries like Japan, Switzerland, Germany, Russia, Italy, United States, South Africa, Cyprus, India, Scotland, Pakistan, Iraq, Palestine, Ecuador, and many more,” said Burger, who along with sensei Wikus Oberholster (Dojo Head Walvis Bay) and sensei Valdemar Swart (Dojo Head Swakopmund) led the team.

The Namibian team comprised of experienced karate’s who had an abundance of individual skill.

Over the past few months these individual skills have been further honed and the team was trained to work as a formidable unit.

“This enabled Namibia to be the country winning the second most medals at this competition (Italy, the host nation, won the most medals), once again highlighting the quality and excellence of the Shotokan instructors and their students,” said Burger.

Namibia’s gold medalists were – De Wet Moolman, Wilma Oosthuizen, Alec Kamber, Michelle Lewis, Cassandra Knouwds, Kyle Burger and Henroux Swart.

Silver medalists – Leaneacute Ackermann, Beandri Duvenhage, Alexa Montagu-Fryer, Renate Potgieter (two medals), Michelle Lewis, Nicole Hays, Babette Kamber, Retief Theron, Wilma Oosthuizen, Kyle Burger, Madri Nel (two), Rowan Burger and Henroux Swart.

Bronze medalists – Christiaan Schumacher, Henrico van Tonder, Leaneacute Ackermann, Mayvonne Swart, Gerda Lewis, Kevin Page, Michelle Lewis, Xavier Farmer (two), Alexa Montagu-Fryer (two), Zurial Kapukare (two), Wilke-Mari Hamman, Rowan Burger (two), Cassandra Knouwds (three), Jordan Rittmann, Babette Kamber, Janus Botes, Anja Kamber, Marisa Burger (two), Hendreacute Truter, Madri Nel, Kyle Burger (two), Nicole Hays, Retief Theron (two), Joneacute Swart and Reneacute Giliomee.

Source : The Namibian