Namibia Up to 113 On Fifa Ranking

Namibia climbed one position to 113 in the world on the latest FIFA rankings which were released on Thursday, 18 September.

Namibia only played one match during the period under review, drawing 1-1 at home to Swaziland on 10 September.

Namibia are also ranked eighth in the SADC region and 31st in Africa.

In the SADC region, South Africa remain the top ranked side, while they are ranked 14th in Africa and 67th in the world.

They are followed by Zambia (22 in Africa, 88 in the world), Botswana (23 and 91), Zimbabwe (24 and 92), Malawi (26 and 98), Angola (27 and 101) and Mozambique (29 and 109).

Algeria, which is ranked 20th in the world, remains the top ranked African nation.

They are followed by the Ivory Coast (22 in the world), Tunisia (31), Ghana (33), Senegal (36), Nigeria (37), Cape Verde (41), Cameroon (42), Guinea (48) and Burkina Faso (48).

Germany remain the top ranked nation in the world.

They are followed by Argentina and Columbia, who switches places with fourth placed Netherlands.

They are followed by Belgium, Brazil, Uruguay, Spain, France and Switzerland.

Source : The Namibian