Namibia Welcomes Fashion TV

FASHION TV will be opening offices in the Land of the Brave. After Intense Communication entered into a contract with Fashion TV Africa right holders, Fashion TV South Africa, the brand will be officially launching here on 27 June.

“It took us about three months, flying to and from Johannesburg, South Africa, for negotiations,” said sole owner of Fashion TV Namibia, Risto Ndaumbwa.

Ndaumbwa believes that having the brand in the country is a way of enhancing the Namibian fashion industry with the various events it will be organising and also the covering of major events such as Fashion Week Namibia and summer festivals. Just like Fashion TV South Africa and the International Fashion TV shows and channels, Fashion TV will have their cameras and presence at every fashion event.

“Namibian models will now have an opportunity to be scouted and discovered through Fashion TV cameras and also get international recognition,” Ndaumbwa said.

The brand known for its presence at the most prestigious parties is also famous for its products such as the Fashion TV Vodka and branded clothing which is a huge favourite throughout the world.

Making its first appearance in Namibia at the Voigush show launch, Fashion TV beverages have received immense popularity and have continued to grow in its popularity.

Although they have yet to open their official shop and office, they are in operation and can be contacted for promotions and orders for products.

“Zenao Angula is the marketing manager for Fashion TV beverages and and for all events, promotions and bookings. The public should contact either myself or Zenao,” Ndaumbwa said.

Fashion TV will be officially launched in four towns in the country, kicking off in Windhoek on 27 June at the LQ Lounge, in Swakopmund on 25 and 29 July, at the Cosmopolitan Restaurant and Lounge Bar, and lastly in the north on 1 and 2 August.

The venue for the two northern launches have yet to be confirmed.

N$50 will get you in at each Fashion TV launch event.

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Source : The Namibian