Namibian Cycling Team for Commonwealth Games

The Namibian Cycling Federation has selected a team of six male and two female cyclists to compete at the Commonwealth Games which will be held in Glasgow, Scotland from 23 July to 3 August.

The men’s team will be led by professional cyclist Dan Craven and includes Lotto Petrus, Raul Costa Seibeb, Till Drobisch, Gerhard Mans and Heiko Redecker.

The women’s team consists of Vera Adrian and Irene Steyn.

The Commonwealth Games will be contested in the cycling disciplines of track cycling, road cycling (Individual Time Trial and Road Race) and cross country mountain biking.

The Namibian men’s team qualified during the African Continental Road Cycling Championships held in Egypt during November 2013, where the performance of the team led to a silver medal won by Dan Craven in the road race, while Vera Adrian also won silver in the road race and a bronze medal in the individual time trial.

“The main focus of the NCF is to prepare the men’s team to excel in the road race, which takes place on the last day of the games. With a six-man g team, for the first time the ger cyclists and team leaders will not have to battle it out alone, but can be supported by their teammates,” the NCF said in a statement.

Namibian riders have already participated in various cycling tours throughout Africa this year.

In January, Dan Craven, Lotto Petrus and Costa Seibeb competed in the Tour of Gabon while Craven also won the Tour of Cameroon in March, and came fifth in the Tour of Morocco this month.

Till Drobisch and Costa Seibeb competed in the Mzansi Tour in South Africa in March.

The NCF will also register two male riders, and both female riders, for the Individual Time Trial, with selection to be finalised closer to the event. Furthermore, Heiko Redecker and the two female riders are also preparing to enter for the Mountain Bike Cross Country events, which take place on July 29, five days prior to the road race.

According to the NCF, if riders have to withdraw due to injuries or other unforeseen circumstances, the NCF will select and nominate further cyclists from a pool of identified reserve riders.

The NCF also thanked the Namibian Olympic Committee for its co-operation and sound relationship, and for their trust in cycling.

“With the constant increasing global standard of cycling, the NCF values and appreciates the NNOC’s commitment, with the NCF keeping track of the riders training progress and fitness levels on a continuous basis, assisting and doing everything possible to send the team well prepared,” it said.

Source : The Namibian