Namibian Fashion Designers Get First Lady’s Stamp of Approval

BEING Namibia’s youngest and most stylish first lady to date, Monica Geingos has promised to support fashion designers in projects that will bring improvement and growth to the industry.

Meeting with the group ‘Women in Entertainment’ at State House on Thursday, the first lady gave her word that she would assist and aise fashion designers wherever possible. She encouraged designers to submit project proposals to her office, which she said she would personally look at and possibly help, financially or otherwise.

“I feel like I need to start wearing Namibian clothes but apart from those I read about in the paper, I really don’t know many of the designers,” Geingos said. She addressed issues of how fashion designers are getting in contact with their customers, their finished product, going right back to the beginning sketch that they come up with in the process of making a garment.

“There is no point in being the most talented designer if there is no downstream to support you,” she said.

One of the designers who attended the meeting, Melissa Poulton was still in shock after the first lady’s announcement. “It still hasn’t sunk in yet. I’m still in a little bit of shock. “I feel like there’s a lot of change to come in the fashion industry. This is something that’s so amazing.”

Being one of the people who were singled out by the first lady, Poulton is passionate about the industry she works in and hopes to create projects that will address the challenges designers have been facing.

“The main thing I would like to address is assistance with materials. I also think there should be a competition for other young designers to stimulate and motivate them,” the first lady said.

Poulton is also passionate about retail opportunities for Namibian designers, which are currently almost non-existent.

Another fashion designer, Nikola Conradie, was equally excited at the prospect of working with the first lady on projects that will grow the industry.

“It’s what we need. I’m so happy.

The Women in Entertainment group consists of fashion designers, a few musicians, journalists and an actress and a film producer representing the film industry. The group has gone from a small breakfast meeting to a movement among women in the entertainment industry who are passionate about empowerment and social change not just within the entertainment industry but beyond. It is the brain child of Susan Opute, Africa’s first female record label owner, entrepreneur and philanthropist.

Source : The Namibian