Namibian Police still searching for three suspects who robbed Nando’s restaurant of more than N.dollars 40,000

WALVIS BAY: The Namibian Police in Walvis Bay are still searching for three suspects who robbed the Nando’s restaurant here of more than N.dollars 40 000.

In September, the Namibian Police Force (NamPol)’s Detective Inspector in Walvis Bay, John Mwatongwe reported that three men wearing police uniforms allegedly robbed the food outlet of N.dollars40 440.

On the day of the suspected robbery, the restaurant manager told the police that the suspects approached him as uniformed police officers, but then pointed a gun at his face, handcuffed him and demanded money.

The police have since been searching for the suspects, who have disappeared without a trace.

On Wednesday, Mwatongwe said there still have not been any arrests, and police investigations continue.

He said so far, there has not been much progress because they do not have a strong lead, but they will continue to gather information which could lead to arrests.