Namibians Mourn Dr Myles Munroe

News on the demise of renowned preacher and motivational speaker Dr Myles Munroe was received with shock and dismay.

Munroe, 60, was the leader of Bahamas Faith Ministries International and also a writer and business consultant.

Munroe and eight other people including his wife Ruth and daughter Charisa died on Sunday when a private jet they were travelling in crashed.

Media reports indicated the plane crashed while making an approach for landing at Grand Bahama International Airport in the Bahamas.

The crash occurred as people were gathering in Grand Bahama for Munroe’s 2014 Global Leadership Forum which started yesterday.

New Era spoke to Namibians on the death.

“It feels like I lost someone personal. He was a father to me. He called me his daughter,” said a very emotional Isabella Hurihe Hauses, the CEO of Women of Substance Organisation.

Hauses said the world has lost a leader, father and motivational speaker who lived life to the fullest.

Reminiscing on some of Munroe’s teachings and principles, Hauses said she would move his baton forward. Munroe poured out everything he had to make an impact on the world and he encouraged his followers to die empty, said Hauses.

“He really poured himself out when he first came here (to Namibia) in 1996. Many of our leaders are following his leadership. He was somebody that meant so much. The world’s not gonna be the same again. In as much as it hurts because of the way he died I will celebrate his life. I will pass on his principles and make sure he will not be forgotten. His principles will live forever, I have lost a father, I will carry the baton forward,” a sobbing Hauses said.

She said Namibia should mourn his death and observe a moment of silence for the impact that he has had on the nation.

Pastor Haruna Goroh of Greater Love Ministries said: “I’m still trying to come to terms with it (Munroe, his wife and daughter’s death).”

Goroh said Munroe recently sent him and his church a special message on the occasion of the church’s 20th anniversary and his 13 wedding anniversary.

Plans were also on the cards to bring Munroe back to Namibia next year, Goroh said.

Munroe and his wife’s marital life was worth emulating, said Goroh, adding that they “loved each other” and stuck together as a couple.

Secretary General of the Council of Churches of Namibia, Reverend Maria Kapere, said Munroe had a “very holistic approach to how leaders should conduct themselves in their public office.”

Kapere said Munroe taught leadership principles from a biblical perspective.

“Without godly inspired leadership it is difficult for a leader to thrive in his or her position,” explained Kapere. Furthermore, she said, Munroe in his teachings also focused on the family and he wanted the church to make an impact on families.

This, she said, is because if a family is broken society becomes broken. “His teachings were to influence the right approach to nation building,” said Kapere.

Goroh said a memorial service for Munroe would be held this week. Munroe left behind a son, Chairo (Myles Jr).

Source : New Era