Namibians, Zimbabweans Co-Act in University Life Film

WINDHOEK-Namibian actors, who are currently studying at Midland State University of Zimbabwe, have teamed up with Zimbabwean actors to work on an emotional film titled University Life to be released today.

The script of the film is written by Elifas Nangombe, Tjipikita Kauuola and Kristoph Fredrick, and gives an impression of what usually happens to students enrolling at the different universities around the world.According to the main actor, Elifas Nangombe, students are not just at schools to study but also to experience different moral activities that occur in universities and to showcase their talents as well. Hence University Life is all about the bad influences in tertiary institutions, meeting bad friends, especially drunkards, smokers, thieves and failure. The film also teaches young girls on how to stay away from early pregnancies.

“This film is very exciting, educative and interesting at the same time. Parents can watch it to aise their children, who are currently at universities. Youths can also watch this film to know how to cope with hard life in universities,” says Nangombe.

Tuwilika Nanganda and Kristoph Fredricks are some of the local actors featuring in the film. The film is directed by Tjipikita Kauuola and produced under Cliff Entertainment in Zimbabwe.Copies of it are available in the country this weekend.

Source : New Era