Namibia’s ‘Model With a Qualification’ Sent Packing

He is one of Namibia’s hottest exports at the moment but even his chiselled chest was not enough to guarantee his stay in the Big Brother Africa house.

After a rather tepid performance, made even more so by his pleas for a voluntary exit, Luis Munana may very well have sealed his fate with viewers.

Luis, who refers to himself as a ‘model with a qualification’, was booted off the reality show after failing to secure votes from any other African country besides Namibia, leaving Permithias as the last hope for the country. We spoke to the model and TV host about his experience as a reality TV star.


What is the first thing you did once you were alone in your hotel room?

I stripped naked. I was deprived of my nudity for too long.

Do you think your request for a voluntary exit hurt your chances of winning?

It’s very obvious that it may have. Africa is not too forgiving if you show that you don’t want to be in the house and change your mind later, they will not forget.

You and Mira, were the two of you in love?

For us, Big Brother started two months ago. It was as if we were in a pressure cooker all that time and Mira and I clicked. We both speak Portuguese and she’s the only one who got my jokes.

About Mira, did you have sex in the house?

No. We just cuddled.

What about her sensual kiss with Nhlanhla, have you forgiven her already?

What kiss? I don’t know about it. Tell me, when did it happen?

What do you think are Permithias’ chances of winning?

Obviously, with Dillish winning last year the odds are quite small. But him surviving all those nominations might mean he can go very far.

What are your future plans for Voigush and your modelling career?

I want to take my show to a continental platform, maybe even on DStv.

We also spoke to Luis’ fellow evictees, Rwandan Arthur and Ghanaian lover boy, Kacey Moore:


How popular is the show in Rwanda?

We may be new to the show but people are watching. Some even told me they would buy satellite dishes just because of me.

Are you satisfied with your performance in the house?

Yes. In those four weeks, I showed my comedic talents, acting, singing, dancing, etc.

Kacey Moore

What does your wife think about your time in the house?

I spent the night with her last night and she teased me about being a cry baby. She also teased me a lot about my connection to Ellah.

Who do you think was not being genuine in the house?

Permithias. If he were a girl, I would have had something with him but he later proved to be untrustworthy.

Where do you see your career going from here?

I see a lot of big things. I’ll be doing a very controversial song called ‘Oscar Victorious’ so be on the look out for that.

Source : The Namibian