Namport Tug Sinks in Harbour

NAMPORT’S ‘Omanda’ tugboat sunk in the harbour on Tuesday, but the reason is still being investigated, according to the company’s CEO, Bisey Uirab.

The boat was beginning to take in water in its engine room at around 19h30, while it was in the fishing harbour basin close to the Merlus fishing factory.

The tugboat master was instructed to take the vessel to the nearest berth (Merlus’ jetty) before it lost power. Other tugboats were immediately dispatched to provide assistance. The crew disembarked without harm.

Measures to contain any oil pollution were successfully put in place, so that no fuel escaped the immediate area around the vessel.

The boat sunk just after 23h00 – less than four hours after the water started coming in.

“All possible efforts were made to prevent the boat from sinking, but to no avail,” stated Uirab.

What seems certain is that no other vessel was involved neither was there any damage to another party’s property.

“Namport maintains a fleet of several tugboats and all port users are assured that the loss of this one will not aersely affect port operations,” Uirab concluded.

Source : The Namibian