Nampost Teller Admits Stealing Client’s Funds

A GROOTFONTEIN NamPost employee has agreed to repay a 50-year-old client after she admitted forgery involving N$10 000 from the client’s saving account.

The employee, Marita Kaovera, told The Namibian yesterday that she took Lovisa Nanyemba’s money, saying she was in desperate need of cash but claims she intended to repay the amount before anyone found out.

A Grootfontein-based Police Inspector, Nangula Hamutenya, confirmed that she acted as a mediator between Nanyemba and Kaovera, when they approached her with a situation about money.

Hamutenya said Kaovera agreed to repay the money to Nanyemba this Saturday, or else a case of theft would be opened against her.

Nanyemba said she opened a savings account on 8 July 2013 at NamPost for her son, and deposited N$20 000. She, however, realised that N$10 000 was missing by December.

“My son visited the NamPost branch in Omuthiya to check his balance in December and was shocked to discover that N$10 000 had been withdrawn,” said Nanyemba, who added that she then visited the branch to get answers in February this year.

“I asked the staff at NamPost to show me the statements, and the records showed that the money was withdrawn on 12 July shortly after my deposit. They told me that my son was the one who withdrew the funds since his signature was on the withdrawal slip. However, we noticed that the signature did not match the one on the computer,” said Nanyemba.

Nanyemba further said Kaovera, who has been working at the branch for more than four years, later phoned her confessing taking the money, and that she intended to repay the money.

“She admitted she had forged my son’s signature to access his account,” Nanyemba said.

She alleged that the branch manager, James Shipunda, refused to take action against Kaovera.

“He said the matter was between Kaovera and me, and that it was wrong of me to imply that NamPost had stolen my money,” said Nanyemba.

Shipunda allegedly aised her to take the matter to the police instead, saying it was a “personal matter”, and there was nothing he could do.

“I was shocked at the manager’s careless approach and the fact that there would be no disciplinary action taken against an employee involved in the theft of clients’ money,” lamented Nanyemba.

Shipunda yesterday said he did not take disciplinary action against Kaovera because there was no proof.

“Kaovera denied that she had stolen the money. I could not take any action without proof. Nanyemba should first bring me a police case number before I can take action,” he said.

Nanyemba has since withdrawn the rest of her funds, saying she cannot trust NamPost with her money.

However, sources say that this is not the first time a Grootfontein NamPost client has complained of theft from their savings accounts and added that Nanyemba’s case was just the tip of the iceberg.

“This has been happening a lot and we are surprised that nobody from that branch gets fired, despite the numerous theft allegations,” said the source.

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A male NamPost employee in Outjo branch misused N$500.00 and he got fired in 2 days, so the reason why James is trying to defend Kaovera is only known to him, she must be dealt with. – Mate!!!! | 2014-03-13 10:08:00 || Comment id: 27935

Manager Shipunda you are incompetent. You can never wait for the police to act so you can take action. Just to remind you as per labour relations perspective, you got the disciplinary code of conduct, code of ethics and disciplinary procedures in your organization and as a manager you were supposed to act upon them and not wait for the police case. So the internal procedure can is not dependent on the police criminal case. Clean up your house or leave it to the able bodies… – Andrew | 2014-03-13 08:54:00 || Comment id: 27898

I wonder how many people were fired from your company Mr Tuhafeni. You also acted like Mr Shipunda in many cases at your helm, unless you want to tell us that you have pulled your sock somewhere. Cecillo – Nangula Lamanguluka | 2014-03-13 08:24:00 || Comment id: 27867

Shame on you Mr Shipunda you are entrusted with the clients money now you are insisting the money is for the client now is the money divided into two fractions. You are stupid saying that you deriving your profits from clients money now you rubbished the clients money,whilst being your source of income you have to institute a hearing against that employee or is it your relative,wife and backdoor girlfriend so you assisted on eating that moola – Mr Rickey Hanse | 2014-03-13 07:48:00 || Comment id: 27847

Shipunda, you out of a job mate, thats careless. – weah | 2014-03-13 07:57:00 || Comment id: 27846

Shipunda is entrusted to ensure that clients interests and customer satisfaction is a priority in the department. NAMPOST should take serious actions against Shipunda for failing to follow proceduresand concealing of disciplinary process as well as for Kaovera for dishonest and Bringing the employer’s name in disrepute. These people ar employed in position of trust and they have all breached such trust. If I was NAMPOST I would FIRE them all. – tuhafeni | 2014-03-13 07:45:00 || Comment id: 27844

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