Nampower Gives Opinion On Solar Connections

NAMPOWER, the national power utility has joined the debate about “Netmetering” connections. The debate includes an initiative by the Electricity Control Board (ECB) to regulate such connections.

Netmetering is defined as ‘owner produced excess energy, offset against imported energy from the grid.’

NamPower says it is eagerly awaiting the rules to be issued by the ECB. “NamPower’s view is towards uniformity in the industry,” the company says.

As an interim measure, NamPower will allow customers to connect a Solar PV roof top system on a first come, first-served basis until 15% of the maximum demand of the main feeder line serving a specific group of customers is reached.

On the customer side, the connected system must not be greater than 80% of their contracted breaker size.

NamPower says for the safety of its staff and network, all customers must notify the company in writing of their intention to connect such a system to allow the company an opportunity to inspect the existing grid connection prior to the addition of the PV system.

“NamPower will then aise the customer in writing of the next steps to be followed including any costs and meter changes,” the company says.

Once effected, the ECB’s Net-metering policy will take precedence over these interim arrangements and customers will have to pay for any modifications required by the ECB.

NamPower says these measures will only be considered for ‘roof top solar PV” systems and until the ECB has established and promulgated a net-metering policy for Namibia.

“NamPower will therefore not compensate customers for any energy exported (fedback) to the NamPower network at this point in time,” the company says.

Source : The Namibian