Namwandi Cleared of Corruption

THE Anti-Corruption Commission of Namibia on Monday cleared Minister of Education David Namwandi of corruption.

Media reports last year insinuated that Namwandi had used his ministerial position to influence the appropriation of loans to students at the International University of Management (IUM), an institution he founded.

Namwandi had requested the ACC to carry out an investigation in order to put the case to bed, which found that he had in fact resigned from his position as the vice chancellor of the university when he was appointed deputy education minister to avoid a conflict of interests.

Virginia Namwandi is the vice chancellor of IUM.

Namwandi had also requested the ministry to stop funding IUM but the ministry only did so in 2013.

The ACC also found that the education ministry had been paying rental fees to IUM since 2006 as part of the ministry’s subsidy assistance to private schools and institutions. The university was granted the subsidy because at the time it was the only private institution of higher learning offering courses accredited by the Namibia Qualifications Authority (NQA) Board and it was also facing threats of eviction from its rented premises.

It was however found that Vitalis Ankama, who was the permanent secretary at the ministry then failed to comply with the Treasury requirements as he did not seek authorisation before the ministry gave financial assistance to IUM.

“His decision constituted unauthorised expenditure making him liable for disciplinary action if he was still employed in public service. His decision cannot be attributed to IUM,” read the statement.

Ankama said it was unfortunate that he had been found not to have complied with Treasury requirements at the time, “It was probably an oversight. I signed for the submission documents after it was certain that all requirements had been carried out. It is just unfortunate that it happened,” he said.

Namwandi said he had not yet been fully informed of the ACC findings as he had been out of office.

“It is a no comment for now,” he said.

Source : The Namibian