Namwandi Questions N$7 Billion Salaries

Minister of Education, David Namwandi, says the N$7 billion paid as salaries to teachers in primary and secondary schools is not being well spent because of the high number of repeaters.

Namwandi was supporting his N$13 billion budget in the NA on Thursday, where he also outlined his ministry’s plans for the upcoming year, especially with regard to the new curriculum.

He said N$7 billion of the N$9.6 billion that has been allocated to pre-primary, primary and secondary schools will go towards salaries of 24 600 teachers.

“However, with repetition rates averaging 16% overall and as high as 31% at Grade 8, it becomes evidently clear that the N$7 billion that goes towards the core activity of teaching, is not being well spent,” he said.

The minister said either the 195 school days are not well used or teachers are not sufficiently prepared for the teaching and learning environment.

Namibia has 187 000 pupils in secondary school, and about 450 000 in primary school. According to Namwandi, this shows a low transition from primary to secondary and indicates a need for an overhaul.

Namwandi again stood by his decision to implement the new curriculum for the mother tongue to be the language of instruction instead of English up to Grade five as from next year.

Source : The Namibian