Nanda Warns Drug Dealers

Oshikoto Police Commissioner Anne-Marie Nainda has sent out a stern warning to anyone who deals in prohibited drugs in the region to consider their days as numbered.

Her warning comes after two well-orchestrated police operations thwarted the activities of three drug offenders in the region on May 26. The commissioner cast serious doubt on the possibility of the existence of a drug syndicate in the region, conceding only to the possibility of a high number of dealers, especially in the Tsumeb District. “I doubt there is a syndicate but there is a possibility of there being a high number of drug dealers in Tsumeb and it is only a matter of time before the long arm of the law catches up with them,” she said in an interview with New Era recently.

The police were acting on tip-offs from members of the public in both incidents. The first involved a 53-year-old Tsumeb resident who was arrested for possession of cannabis on the road 10 kilometres from Tsintsabis. The amount of drugs found on the suspect suggest that it was for personal use and not intended for distribution, according to her. In a separate incident on the same day at the Namutoni T-junction on the Tsumeb-Oshivelo main road a man and woman, both Namibian nationals, were found with 629 cannabis pellets plus 7 parcels of cannabis along with 9 Mandrax tablets with an estimated street value of N$15 600.

The two are believed to have been waiting for public transportation to move their wares. Nainda warned motorists who pick up hitchhikers to be vigilant with regard to whom they allow into their vehicles. “Possession and drug use are very serious and we as regional law enforcement will treat it as such. More and more drug traffickers and users are starting to make use of public transportation. The consequences of picking up a hitchhiker without knowledge of what they are carrying can mean jail time. If the guilty party denies the bag containing dagga or mandrax and no one comes forward then everyone in that vehicle will be arrested. Make sure you are aware of what people might be bringing into your cars as this might keep you out of jail,” explained Nainda.

The commissioner also took the opportunity to thank members of the public for their involvement not only in the recent drug busts, but also for their assistance in combating crime in the region. “In my capacity as police commissioner and on behalf of law enforcement in Oshikoto I would like to thank members of the public for not condoning drugs in our society,” said Nanda.

Source : New Era