Nantu Calls for Hard Work This Year

THE president of the Namibia National Teachers Union (Nantu), Simeon Kavila has called on teachers, pupils and parents to work hard during this academic year.

During a press conference held at Oshakati on Friday, Kavila said:

“On behalf of Nantu and the National Teachers’ Council (NTC), allow me to use this opportunity to welcome all and to wish the educators a productive 2015 academic year. Let us declare 2015 a year of hard work, commitment and dedication by all teachers, learners and parents.

“Education is a shared responsibility hence this clarion on all stakeholders to redouble their efforts and energies in ensuring that the Namibian child is properly supported and prepared to become a productive citizen of this beautiful country.”

Kavila said it was vital that educators remind themselves of Vision 2030 objectives through which Namibia aspires to become an industrialised and prosperous nation by 2030.

He said teachers must go the extra mile in ensuring that a knowledge-based society is created through imparting relevant knowledge and skills to learners and the Ministry of Education is obliged to create an enabling environment for the success of education.

The capacity of tertiary institutions must be fully developed in order to prepare educators in Namibia instead of relying on the services of expatriates, he said.

The Nantu president also thanked the region, circuits and schools that performed well and encouraged those that did not achieve good results to work harder this year.

“Nantu is satisfied with the 2014 Grade 10 and 12 results,” said Kavila and added that the union was aware of many factors affecting academic performance such as weak discipline, lack of commitment, as well as the use of unqualified teachers.

The wrong placement of teachers in some regions, whereby teachers are assigned subjects they are not trained for, remains a big concern for the union, as the quality of teaching is compromised. Kavila called upon regional directorates to jointly conduct the correct placement of teachers.

He urged teachers who conducted themselves in an unprofessional manner to refrain from such behaviour.

According to Kavila, it seems Namibians only focus on Grade 10 and 12 results, thereby neglecting lower phases where the foundation for Grade 10s and 12s is laid.

“Once we get it right at the lower phases, Grade 10 and 12 results will drastically improve,” said Kavila and called on the education ministry to strengthen monitoring and quality assessment throughout to ensure better results at the end of each academic year.

The Nantu president further called on government to continue investing in human capital, especially with regards to teacher training. He also urged the directorate of Lifelong Learning to encourage illiterate adults to take up adult literacy classes in order for the Namibian society to understand the importance of education.

Source : The Namibian