NAPWU blamed for neglecting the interest of members in favour of their employer

OLUNO: A group of Government administrative officers in northern Namibia is accusing the Namibia Public Workers’ Union (NAPWU) of neglecting the interest of its members in favour of their employer.

Speaking to Nampa at Ondangwa’s Oluno suburb on Wednesday, representatives of the group blamed the NAPWU leadership for Government’s reluctance to improve their conditions of employment since November 2012.

Disgruntled administrative officers, as well as institutional workers such as cleaners, gathered at Oluno on Monday to discuss the government’s reluctance to pay them better salaries.

The discussions included the payment of bush allowances to administrative officers and institutional employees working in remote areas.

The workers said it is unfair that Government pay bush allowances only to teachers working in rural areas, while excluding other public servants.

They singled out NAPWU representative in northern Namibia, Nelson Nghitaunapo, of having promised them during general election campaigns in November last year that the government had agreed and was going to improve their working conditions before the end of 2014.