Nasp Namibia Aims for New Heights

After a successful campaign at the NASP (National Archery in the Schools Program), All Stars in South Africa, last month, local organisers are eager to push this programme to new heights.

The Namibian NASP is to hosts a competition on the 28th of next month as part of the Sparta year-end shooting competition in Walvis Bay.

This event will run simultaneously with a World Archery 720 and its elimination rounds – both in the Compound and Recurve divisions.

All ages are welcome to participate in the event in which NASP shooters are expected to showcase their skills on the same range as other archers.

It will be a one-day event.

The Namibian NASP branch aims for two flights per Archer (600 points).

It will be an individual competition with no teams will be able to enter. 200 NASP archers are expected and all the necessary equipment will be available.

Meanwhile, Namibian coach, Karola Woortman, has successfully obtained her Youth

International Judge Accreditation from World Archery (WA), last week.

Woortman attend a course in Lilleshall, Great Britain, where she underwent training with regards to the new WA rules and framework on judges’ functions. Closing date for entries for will be November 30, 2014.

Source : New Era