National School Health Forum underway

WINDHOEK: The Vice President of Namibia, Nickey Iyambo has called on all public servants in the public domain to serve all Namibians equally irrespective of background and status.

Let it be without any bias and discrimination and serve all Namibian people equally whether rich or poor, black or white, San or Himba. Even the foreigners should be served with respect and dignity as Namibians and visitors, Iyambo said on Thursday.

“There are no lesser Namibians or humans beings in a progressive Namibia” he said.

The Vice President said this in a statement delivered on his behalf by the Minister of Safety and Security, (Retd) Major-General Charles Namoloh at the first National School Health forum held in the capital on Thursday.

“If you have been a civil servant or even someone in the private sector who has been practicing not as a government policy, but biased on your personal preferences and bias; a policy of class; tribal; gender and foreigner exclusion best would be that you stop this immediately” he said.

Iyambo also called on the people with such tendencies to quit from public domain, saying that there is no place under the Namibian sun for people with such retrogressive nation destroying tendencies.

The vice further said he is hopeful that in the distant future, there will no longer be a national sport team, board of directors or even government departments and even the private sector predominantly consisting of tribal groupings.

“All these public institutions will be filled by best qualified Namibian brains, which is the legacy we fought for and for which many sacrificed their lives for,” he said.

The two day forum which kicked off on Thursday and expected to end on Friday came as an outcome of the project by Ministry of Health and Social Service and the Finish National Institute for Health and Welfare to strengthen the school health program in Namibia.

The project which was funded by the Finish Ministry of Foreign Affairs at a total of N.Dollars 6.7 million. It is a three year project which started in 2013 and expected to end this year.

The National School Health Forum is being held with the aims to provide an opportunity for staff to share good practices and experiences to improve the status of school health; to serve as a platform for all stakeholders in school health to deliberate on issues of school health and come up with suggestion of areas of improvement.

In addition, it also aims to develop networking skills and strengthen collaboration among school health implementers to improve information sharing.

The forum was attended by various stakeholders of the Ministry of health and Social Services and the Ministry of Education, Arts and Culture.