National Sports Plan Initiated

The Namibian Sports Commission on Monday announced that it was implementing a National Sports Plan (NSP) to develop sport over the next decade and to create a winning nation.

The NSP follows on the Namibia Sports Conference that was held in April and was created as a result of resolutions taken at the conference.

The chairperson of the NSP’s task force Ndeulipula Hamutumwa on Monday announced at a press conference that numerous sport representatives, ranging from the government to sport codes and the private sector had already started working on the first phase of the planning process and that they had identified five key areas that would be at the centre of all planning and development initiatives.

“These focus areas … consist of Society, Sport for All and Economy Training, Development and Infrastructure Structure, Policy and Processes Marketing and Funding and Athletes and Talent,” he said.

Society, Sport for All and Economy relates to the inclusion of the broader society in sports through participation and accessibility to sporting facilities for disabled athletes and spectators, involving communities in all aspects of sport development, and utilising sport to contribute towards job creation.

Training, Development and Infrastructure focusses on capacity building through skills development of sport leaders and administrators, coaches and athletes, including sports education in the formal sector.

Structure, Policy and Processes focusses on the management of sport at all levels, reviewing existing policies like the Sports Act and strengthening relations across industry sectors.

Marketing and Funding involves identifying funding models to increase development programmes, participation and improve Namibia’s competitiveness at international level.

Athletes and Talent focusses on talent identification and improving athletes’ performance as well as their well-being.

“The Commission is confident that the National Sports Plan will be instrumental in presenting Namibian Sport with a strategic direction on aancing sport and addressing challenges of inadequate funding, governance, transformation and success at international platforms,” Hamutumwa said.

He said the NSC will travel to various regions over the next month to hold workshops with sport officers and administrators in Oshakati, Rundu, Keetmanshoop and Omaruru, while participants are expected to share their ideas and provide input on development initiatives in their regions.

“Sport in various regions and rural areas have unique challenges which are different from the situation in the main cities like Windhoek. For us to create a winning sporting nation, it is critical to identify all these challenges and find ways to address these,” Hamutumya said.

Athletes, administrators, coaches and the general public can also share their contributions via an electronic survey which will be accessible to all national federations, and can also be completed on the Namibia Sports Commission website and Facebook page from 19 September to 3 October.

According to the NSC, an action plan will be compiled at a workshop on 18 and 19 October and ‘responsible persons’ will be allocated to all the projects.

It added that, to ensure the implementation of the plan, an independent monitoring task force will be appointed to monitor the progress and status on all due actions on a monthly process.

The National Sports Plan is expected to be completed by the end of November 2014.

Source : The Namibian