National Under-18’s Visit Westphalia

Namibia’s national under-18 soccer team left for Westphalia on Sunday hoping to learn more and ensure that they become better Brave Warriors in years to come.

Jandjamuje Maharero and Pandeni Kandjabanga are part of the 18-member team that travels to Germany on Sunday, 10 May for a two-week training camp and the pair are looking forward to their first away training camp.

Maharero says international football has helped his game a lot and he is looking forward to further improvements.

“Before I played for Namibia during the Four Nation’s tournament at Swakopmund last year I was not at this level. But after playing against the Germans, Ghanaians and South African at that tournament I got more comfortable on the ball. It won’t be easy but we are under good guidance and we hope to walk the walk and become fully fledged Brave Warriors one day,” Maharero said.

Echoing Maharero’s wishes is Pandeni Kandjabanga who was also in Swakopmund during the Easter weekend tournament of 2014.

“It was tough for us and now going out for the first time we are looking forward to add to our football knowledge and become better. We expect high pressing games but for us it will be about learning and helping shape our footballing careers,” Kandjabanga said.

In their first tour game, the Under-18s will play the B Region team on Wednesday and will play their second game on Sunday, 17 May against the Prussia Munster side which competes in the third league of German football at the Prussia Stadium.

On Tuesday, 19 May, Namibia’s Under-18s will play Westphalia Under-17 at the Karmen Kaiserau Sport Centre and on Thursday they will play Westphalia Junior Select Team and then prepare for their trip back home.

The team will be based at the Sports Centre in Karmen Kaiserau and will also be treated to a visit to the Signal Induna Park, home to Borussia Dortmund. A special evening to celebrate 20 years of cooperation between Westphalia and Namibia is also set.

The Namibia boys Under-18 team: Uzuva Tjimune, Baloyi Tsandib, Collin Amukwaya, Pandeni Kandjabanga, Paulus Abel, McGyver Manchester United, Katiti Hakuria, Bonifatius Paulino, Petrus Kamati, Kennedy Eib, Giovanni Nauseb, Venovineya Tjikundi, Daniel Kamanya, Bradley Maclobo, George Hummel Junior, Brendon Kotongondo, Israel Shikongo and Jandjamuje Maharero.

Source : The Namibian