NBC Increases Staff Benefits Package

The Namibian Broadcasting Corporation (NBC) and the Namibian Public Workers Union (NAPWU) signed an employee benefits package agreement earlier this week. The agreement will see increases in staff allowances for housing, transport, medical aid, vehicle maintenance and a car allowance for managers. The agreement will be in effect from 1 April 2015.

Albertus Aochamub, Director General, NBC emphasised on the value of the benefits as a way of employee motivation to stimulate productivity. “NBC as a public corporation values all its employees and is committed to fair labour practices that are also in line with the Namibian constitution,” he stated.Gabes Andumba, Deputy General Secretary, NAPWU congratulated the negotiation parties for a job well done. He encouraged them always to endeavour to reach an amicable solution to avoid third party involvement and unnecessary labour confrontation, which is counterproductive. “NAPWU is totally committed to the improvement of the benefits and the condition of service of our members through a collective bargaining process, as provided for in our recognition agreement and labour laws,” he said.The wage agreement has been concluded for a two-year span on substantive and other conditions of service for employees of the corporation. In the last financial year 20142015 all employees across the board received a 9% increase while this year the substantive increase is mostly included in their fringe benefits. The housing subsidy ratio is now agreed upon 62:38 employeremployee ratio to 69:31 employeremployee ratio.The agreement also provides, for the first time, rental allowance of N$730 to contract employees. Medical aid for contract employees has also been increased, The NBC is expected to employ about 30 contract employees during the 20152016 financial year.Aochamub stressed that the NBC values all its employees as important and further believes in the value attached to contract employees and other freelance employees with specific valuable skills.The NBC Director said the broadcaster has also committed itself to investigate the best options for the provision of low-cost and affordable housing to its staff members. Therefore they will pursue discussions with the NHE and municipalities country wide for the provision of affordable housing for the staff.

Source : Namibia Economist