NBL Introduces Camelthorn Weizen

NAMIBIA Breweries Limited (NBL), a subsidiary of the Ohlthaver amp List (OampL) Group of Companies, has introduced the newest addition to the NBL family, the Camelthorn Weizen-Namibia’s first, locally brewed, premium Weissbeer. The launch took place in Wondhoek last week.

Thomas Hochreiter of NBL said:” We are very pleased to present our customers and consumers with Camelthorn Weizen, as a perfect addition to the NBL stable of quality beer brands. This unique, truly African, Bavarian Style wheat beer complements the other beers in the NBL portfolio and provides the discerning beer drinker with yet another option of quality brewed Namibian beer. While Camelthorn Weizen is also brewed according to the strict Reinheitsgebot brewing standards, it differs from the current NBL beers as it is not a lager beer, but contains wheat malt. Camelthorn Weizen is Namibia’s first locally brewed, premium Weissbeer, with an ABV of 4,5 %.”

He further added that local barley is used for the brewing of this Weissbeer. The NBL barley trials have thus far delivered sufficient quantities of Namibian grown barley to allow NBL to use it to brew small batches. “As Camelthorn Weizen is a relatively small brand appealing to a niche market, we have sufficient quantities of local grown malted barley to use for the Camelthorn Weizen production.” The beer is available in bars on tap as well as in 330ml bottles.

Source : The Namibian