NDP to Rid Government of Graft – Lukato

Martin Lukato, the president of the National Democratic Party (NDP) is redefining political campaigning in a rather peculiar way.

In a seemingly desperate effort to lure voters he has adopted a strategy of convening his campaign meetings in any public place. This became evident when he held his campaign meeting on Sunday at the Katima Mulilo bus station without a single NDP member or supporter present.

Similar to the approach of modern day churches that spread the gospel on the streets to anyone who cares to listen, Lukato continued with his campaign in similar fashion.

Many of the passengers and hawkers did not seem to care much as they continued with their business. Others were rather left flabbergasted.

A sizeable number of onlookers though out of amusement were forced to listen to Lukato who equally was not distracted by the ridiculing.

Lukato with sheer determination accused the Swapo-led government of corruption, stating the NDP was created to free people from corruption.

“The party which is ruling this country is very much corrupt. They are busy campaigning with government vehicles at the expense of taxpayers’ money. The NDP was created to free you from this corrupt government,” he shouted to hawkers who continued with their business unhindered.

He accused the ruling Swapo Party of deliberately delaying the high treason trial, saying voting for Swapo has exacerbated matters for those languishing in jail.

“All those people in parliament are just tools used by Swapo. In the NDP we’re brave. If you continue voting for Swapo, our people will continue to die and suffer in prison,” stated the former police officer.

According to Lukato, traditional chiefs have also become stooges of government as they continue to be used by Swapo at the expense of the communities they are supposed to lead.

“Swapo is using our traditional chiefs. Our traditional chiefs have become toys for Swapo,” lamented a rather defiant Lukato.

Lukato continued with his biblical rhetoric and was firm in his conviction adding that even Moses was alone when he freed the Israelites.

“I am alone Moses was also alone when he freed the Israelites. I am telling you now I am like Moses. I was also sent by God. NDP was already there even before I was born,” said Lukato who just returned from Windhoek where similar campaign tactics were reportedly employed.

Source : New Era