Nearly 2 000 removals from provisional voters’ register

WINDHOEK: The Electoral Commission of Namibia (ECN) says a total of 1 921 removals were effected from the provisional voters’ register to arrive at the final National Voters Register.

A media release on the 2014 final voters’ registers for the third General Registration of Voters (GRV) issued by ECN Chairperson Notemba Tjipueja on Saturday said out of the 1 921 removals, 1 743 duplicates were removed from the constituency-based national voters register, including some cases that have been marked for further investigation.

The number of deceased persons removed from the provisional voters’ registers is 178.

Tjipueja explained that the voter registration system was also checked against the manual paper-based system to detect any omission or errors with the transfer of data.

The ECN detected 938 additions that had to be made to the register, which includes all Namibians that registered to vote, but were not represented in the numbers published by the ECN on 14 March 2014.

With regards to the Local Authority (LA) voters’ register, Tjipueja said “The ECN has taken note of and closely analysed the challenges experienced by the Commission during the Registration of Voters for the Local Authority election for certain voters.”

As a result, it emerged that a total of 42 449 eligible voters were erroneously registered for the LA elections, she noted.

According to the ECN Chairperson such registrations were done without proper required documentation due to human errors and shall be rectified in due course by giving the concerned registered voters opportunities to register during the forthcoming supplementary registration before the Presidential and National Assembly elections.

The concerned registered voters shall be informed by the ECN on the further course of action. There were also 692 removals due to duplications and deaths, which brings the total number of removals to 43 141 from the LA voters’ register.

Tjipueja further announced that the total number of registered voters for the final constituency based National Voters Register and the LA Voters Register amounted to 1 161 383 and 363 997 respectively.

Third GRV was conducted from 15 January to 02 March 2014 in line with the legal requirement that the GRV must be conducted every 10 years.

The GRV exercise produced provisional voters’ registers which in turn was followed by the objection period, whereby the stakeholders and the general public was afforded the opportunity to scrutinise the provision voters’ register for the possible inclusion of names on the provisional voters’ register.

The objections were dealt with through the magistrate’s courts between 03 and 30 April 2014.

During the period 03 March to 06 June 2014, the ECN used a number of techniques, including fingerprint matching to complete the voter verification process in order to remove duplicates, deceased persons and to detect any possible fraudulent activities.

These techniques were also used to make corrections on spelling mistakes, operator error and reported deaths.