NEFF Claims to Have N$3 Billion for Mass Houses

THE Namibian Economic Freedom Fighters says it is ready to take on the ruling party in parliament next year, starting with its own ‘mini mass housing project’.

Speaking to The Namibian yesterday, NEFF’s president Epafras Mukwiilongo claims that his party is receiving N$3 billion from Asian and Arabian countries to construct affordable houses for poor Namibians, irrespective of their political affiliation through what it calls the NEFF Housing Programme.

Starting this weekend, the party was calling on residents to register for the housing programme and says more than 140 people in Windhoek had already registered since Saturday.

“This money will be paid into a local bank before 10 December 2014. This came after a two-weeks tour of all regions of the country by the CC team and visitors from Arabian and Asian countries,” he claims. He said beneficiaries of the NEFF housing project will only pay N$300 per month.

“After 24 years of political independence, our people still find it hard to get land for housing as well as for farming,” he said adding that the time had come for all Namibians who don’t have land to take aantage of this.

“NEFF, as a people’s representative party, has managed to get approval from some Arab and Asian countries to build affordable houses for Namibians. We mean affordable houses where people will pay N$300 per month over 10 to 20 years,” he said. Mukwiilongo said the massive programme is targeting the low income earners such as security officers, domestic workers, petrol attendants, taxi drivers, kapana sellers, hair dressers, shop attendants, street vendors and lowly paid public servants, “all those who cannot afford a house under the Swapo-led government. This massive programme is not given only to NEFF in Namibia but to other political organisations in Africa as well,” he claimed.

Mukwiilongo said the process will be quicker for those who have already approved house plans.

“Namibians without land are encouraged to apply as these houses are not meant only for townships but for villages also, as long as there is approval from the traditional authorities. The programme accommodates Namibians from different political organisations,” he said.

He said calls to register for the scheme will be made today, although they had already started registering people on Saturday at the party’s head office in Windhoek.

Mukwiilongo alleged that the Swapo-led government will do everything in its power not to let this programme kick off.

“These are the types of people who do not care about the working class and the poor. They are the enemies of progress. We want to show them how to house our people,” he said.

Mukwiilongo said his party will send a team to meet President Hifikepunye Pohamba and finance minister Saara Kuugongelwa-Amadhila to request tax exemptions on the funds they say will directly benefit all Namibians.

“We are not a party of rallies, we are a party of solutions. At rallies they pay lip service which they have been doing for the past 24 years,” he said.

Source : The Namibian