NEFF insults SADC Observer missions

WINDHOEK: Namibia Economic Freedom Fighters’ (NEFF) leaders insulted the Southern African Development Committee (SADC) Parliamentary Forum Observation Mission here on Sunday for declaring the Namibian elections free and fair.

The SADC observers are in Namibia to monitor the 2014 Presidential and National Assembly elections which took place on Friday.

The NEFF members disrupted a media briefing called by the SADC team on the general elections.

As they were leaving the venue while the briefing was still underway, NEFF members shouted, among others “You guys came here to rape our democracy”, “You so called honourables – some of you come from corrupt countries”.

The verbal abuse left the observers speechless, but the mission’s leader and Speaker of the National Assembly of Zimbabwe, Jacob Mudenda continued with the meeting which was also attended by members of other political parties.

Earlier in the day, NEFF and the Christian Democratic Voice (CDV) party members were asked to leave a meeting after they questioned the SADC Electoral Observer Mission’s declaration of free and fair elections.

The two parties’ members wanted to know how the SADC observers could make such a pronouncement while the final results of the elections were not yet out.

The observer mission declared the Namibian elections free, fair, transparent, peaceful and credible, with Head of Mission Maite Nkoana-Mashabane saying the Electoral Commission of Namibia (ECN) created a conducive environment for the undertaking of the elections, which also demonstrated its readiness and state of preparedness.

Meanwhile, the ECN on Saturday said that the final results will be released Sunday afternoon.