NEFF Threaten Civil War Over Land Issue

THE Namibian Economic Freedom Fighters (NEFF) say they will start a civil war, if the land issue is not adequately addressed in Namibia.

This was one of the sentiments expressed by NEFF’s top leaders at a meeting held at Kamanjab on Sunday.

“How could you occupy your own land illegally? We can go to civil war if people are robbed of their land,” Olsen Kahiriri, commissioner of propaganda, said. Kahiriri said if the last resort to get land is civil war, his party will go that route. He also said those exploiting others were ‘bloodsuckers’ and that Namibians cannot be oppressed in their country while landowners are relaxing in Germany and other foreign countries.

“We will teach the cockroaches a lesson the way we taught the Germans,” Kahiriri said, adding on an unrelated note that he knows Swapo wants to assassinate NEFF members.

“We know they want to assassinate our members. We dare them to try that as we will start a civil war,” he threatened.

Abraham Ndumba, NEFF’s commissioner of policy research and political education, said Swapo killed people in the past. He urged Namibians to vote for NEFF without fear.

According to Ndumba, both President Hifikepunye Pohamba and Prime Minister Hage Geingob are not serious about the welfare of ordinary Namibians, but only consider the interests of the elite.

“Geingob is digging his wealth and Pohamba has drained the state coffers,” Ndumba claimed, adding:

“Swapo is poverty. Swapo has nothing to deliver. Geingob and Pohamba are there to extend poverty. Where are we going?

“The peace that Swapo talks about is to live in extreme poverty. Peace means to spending money with a small group of elite in Windhoek. Do you know what peace means? It’s to sleep on empty stomachs. Peace is to give millions to a few while the majority of people are hungry”, he said.

“Peace will give you nothing. Give houses to people. Swapo thinks people are stupid. Change your mindset. You are colonised.

“Poverty in Namibia looks like a hungry lion ready to open its mouth to grab something to eat. It does not need research. Swapo is an embarrassment to the world,” Ndumba said.

He further alleged that good land is sold to foreigners by Swapo.

Source : The Namibian