Neo-Colonialism Haunts Namibia

WITH the Presidential and National Assembly Elections less than three weeks away, political parties are stepping up their campaigns to get as many votes as possible at the polls.

On Saturday, Swanu of Namibia’s secretary general Tangeni Iijambo met with party members at the party’s office in Katutura to address pertinent issues ahead of the elections. Iijambo noted that neo-colonialism was threatening to reverse the gains of independence, as the majority of Namibian citizens still live in abject poverty despite the country being independent.

“The last 24 years seem like a betrayal, because it is an insult for Namibians to eat from dumping sites and to live in shanty towns without proper healthcare and education after all these years,” Iijambo said.

He said this situation is tantamount to betraying the contributions made by Namibian heroes and heroines who paid with their lives to liberate the country.

The Swanu secretary general also addressed the land issue, stressing that current laws governing the distribution of land have failed to address this matter adequately. “Necessity knows no law, and there will come a time when Namibians will feel that enough is enough. Once people become tired and take the law into their own hands, it may be too late to stop them,” he warned.

According to Iijambo, Swanu is a party for all Namibians and the party will continue to do its very best to represent the interests of all citizens of the country, when elected to power.

“We want to transform the country for every person in Namibia to feel proud of being Namibian. Even if you were not born here, you are part of the Namibian society and should be proud. We want to tap on the experience and expertise of every Namibian to contribute effectively towards the development of our country,” Iijambo said.

Namibians go to the polls on 28 November for the Presidential and National Assembly elections.


Source : The Namibian