Never keep the liberation struggle a secret: Nujoma

UUKWANDONGO: Land reform minister, Uutoni Nujoma says the bravery and determination of Namibian heroes and heroines steered the nation into a new era of self-respect, human dignity restoration, peace and unity.

Addressing a Cassinga Day commemoration by the community of the Omusati Region’s Okahao Constituency at the Uukwandongo village on Monday, he said the bravery and determination of Namibian heroes and heroines have also steered development and equal opportunities for all Namibians.

“Our fallen heroes and heroines have unselfishly laid down their lives so that all Namibians, irrespective of colour, may take their place in community and walk tall and proud in dignity because of this selfless sacrifice,” Nujoma told his audience.

He noted that many of the Namibian heroes and heroines are buried in unmarked graves in the forests and jungles of Angola, Zambia and Namibia.

According to Nujoma, the blood of Namibians who were massacred during the liberation struggle at the Cassinga settlement in neighboring Angola on 04 May 1978 remains on the hands of those who carried out such an “atrocious crime”.

This, he said, includes all their supporters and those who supplied them with weapons and arms, and who condoned the acts of aggression against innocent Namibian civilians.

The minister encouraged the people of Namibia to never forget the history of the liberation struggle, hide it or keep it a secret.

“We must share it with the younger generation,” Nujoma urged, adding that this should be the driving force behind each and every Namibian’s struggle for economic independence and prosperity.

He, at the same time, charged that the best way in which Namibians can show appreciation to those whose blood waters their freedom is to remain steadfast in building the nation and to continue living harmoniously and peacefully.

Cassinga Day honors about 1 000 Namibians who were attacked and killed by the racist South African army at the Cassinga settlement in southern Angola on 04 May 1978, and those who died elsewhere due to the liberation war.

The day is a public holiday in Namibia.