New Desert Retreat Opens for Tourism

Kanaan Na’ an ku secirc Desert Retreat, where dune-dwelling reptiles submerge and swim through aerated sand anytime of the day, became the latest addition to the tourism industry.

This retreat, formerly a farm, now offers thousands of hectares of unspoiled nature, contrasting landscapes and never-ending breathtaking photographic opportunities. Owners of the latest addition to tourism, medical doctor and conservationist Dr Rudie van Vuuren and his wife Marlice, made the announcement last week on Wednesday during the official launch party in Windhoek. The Van Vuurens, owners of the popular Utopia Botique in Klein Windhoek, the Na’ an ku secirc Lodge and Wildlife Sanctuary and the Neuras Na’ an ku secirc Wine and Wildlife Estate on the edge of the desert, said retreat is situated on 33 000 hectares of unspoilt nature close to the world renowned Sossusvlei. Van Vuuren said the desert retreat will focus on the rehabilitation of the land to serve a further purpose of conservation and protection of wildlife and the environment. “Marlice will focus on the 33 000-hectare nature reserve which is home to free-roaming mountain zebra, kudu, springbok, ostrich, oryx, hyena and jackal. She will also do research on the brown hyena,” said Van Vuuren.

“Kanaan offers an ideal addition to the fields being explored by our research team, giving them the opportunity to extend their work to this magnificent and ecologically vital area. “The main focus of the projects at Kanaan will be ecological and conflict research on the large carnivores, including cheetah, leopard, brown hyena and spotted hyena,” he said

He said capturing and collaring resident large carnivores, in order to monitor their movements and activities in as much detail as possible, will form a vital and integral part of the ongoing research at Kanaan. “To further strengthen the results achieved by the research team, we are currently negotiating possible collaborative work with the Brown Hyena Research Project,” he stated. Namibia’s magnificent herbivores will not be forgotten, with the carnivore research being supplemented with herbivore counts, species inventories, camera trapping and other relevant assessments.

During the launch Van Vuuren said the farm is situated 35 kilometers from the Namib Naukluft Park with its breathtaking photogenic dune belt to the west and the Tiras Mountain range to the east that will offer tourists an incredible opportunity to exprience rustic and comfortable en-suite rooms, homely meals and refreshing drinks. It is understood that the ambassador carnivores from the Conservation Project that include cheetah and caracal give photographers the chance to capture great shots in the oldest desert. They however caution that Kanaan Na’ an ku secirc Desert Retreat isn’t a typical mass tourism destination. “We try to do things as ecologically sustainable as possible therefore electricity is provided by solar power. Guests are welcome to take a dip after a hot day in the desert, in the icy cold water of the farm dam close to home,” Van Vuuren said.

Not far away in a little valley close to the Tiras Mountains with its spectacular view, lies Camp 707. This campsite offers complete silence, rest and peace. Facilities, Van Vuuren said, include a warm water shower, toilet and basin. Guests are invited to climb the Tiras Mountains and visit the Quiver Tree Forest, or visit the endless magical red dunes during the sundowner drives.

Source : New Era