New Gallery for Khomasdal

A new and unique art gallery, danger.Art is to open at the Khomas Grove Mall in Khomasdal, Windhoek.

The opening will be held concurrently with the highly anticipated third album launch of Lize Ehlers on Thursday, 2 October at 18h00. Guests will be shown through the gallery and will have first option to purchase artwork and the album which is titled ‘Change’.

The gallery is the brain child of art lover Hendrik Ehlers who has finally made his dream to own and manage a unique art space that exhibits and sells Namibian music, films, visual art and postcards come true.

danger.Art resonates in unique quality pieces and collectable items for investment opportunities in Namibian art. The gallery comes with a mad owner and his mad music collection played from a vintage vinyl turntable. Art and music lovers are thus invited to visit the gallery for the unorthodox experience to look, listen and read anything but the norm. “This is a one year-only aenture. The idea is to have a good time and sell some of the best Namibian art,” says owner Hendrik Ehlers.

Other exciting things to look forward to include Portuguese services which will be offered, rare Angolan books as well as visual art and selected vinyls and high end sound equipment.

Lize Ehlers, who has quickly made a name for her eclectic style of music, describes ‘Change’ as a somewhat mellow yet tempestuous work of art. “‘Change’ comes with slow smoky love songs, big ballads and rocky river quests all in a chant and groove.” The gallery opening and CD launch is a wonderful collaboration between couple Lize and Hendrik Ehlers. They hope to liven up the arts scene in Khomasdal with this venture. “We are doing this together in this space, to bring new feet to Funkytown. Art is the biggest tool for social change and we are using it like many others to carve out a better future for ourselves and our community,” Lize says.

Source : The Namibian