New Kwaito, Afro Pop Kid Gears to Take Over

Katoopeni Samuel Ndakoneka, also known by the stage name of Vission Boy, is set to take the Afro Pop and Kwaito music industry by storm.

He is the latest find in this genre. Hailing from Etunda village in Ruacana, in Omusati region, the 22-year-old talented boy believes music is the best way to reach out to different people, places and hearts. The rookie who singles out Swart Basteras his inspiration, says music is his calling and would stop at nothing to earn his place as one of the talented musicians and dancers. Since he dropped his three singles, Vission Boy has never looked back. Blessed with a mellow voice and the stamina, he is poised to scale dizzy heights with a fresh sound. He describes himself as a simple person, focused and a goal getter. Some kwaito and Afro Pop musicians from South Africa are also among his inspirers. “My greatest idol is Swart Baster, Mshasho and Gazza and the Trompies from South Africa. I started writing songs when I was 12 but I had to fulfill my dream in 2011 when I released three singles that are now receiving an excellent airplay and reviews on NBC’s Oshiwambo language service here in the north, Omulunga radio, radio Energy and our own Ohangwena Community radio,” he says

One of Vission Boy’s tracks titled Baby gal Come Back is a real story and the track is being requested by listeners here in the north. “It’s like I am also narrating other people’s stories in life when it comes to love matters. When I look at life, I can see that there are things I wouldn’t be able to achieve without love from a woman. That’s the experience I have in this song,” he explains

The other tracks are Commander,and Fiku Limwe, literally meaning “One Day” all recorded at Ndexland studios in Oshakati. On the song Commander, he aises other young Namibian youths to work hard. The same title Commander is for his upcoming album to be released sometime this August. “The message is to aise our youths to stop their weird behaviour and should dedicate their lives to education and they should stop the abuse of alcohol. Instead, Namibian youths should be their own commanders in life,” he aises

The video for Baby Gal Come Back will be on the NBC TV’s Whatagwan programme anytime soon and on One Africa TV’s Count Down music programme. Vission Boy laments that appreciation has been a problem as an upcoming artist, more so if one is based in small towns like Oshikango where he is. “It is not easy for a rookie to get recognition let alone appreciation in this competitive industry. You really work hard for people to share your vision and thoughts before they can accept you on the stage, or even getting some requests from radio listeners. In part, it is true that most people believe that everything good happens in Windhoek. But remember we have artists who made it from small towns like Katima Mulilo, Rundu and Ondangwa, so it doesn’t matter where you are but what you sing. I think Afro Pop or Kwaito is different because you need the exposure and airplay,” he says

He has plans to release his full album this August. He has performed at the Helao Nafidi Business and Trade Expo where he shared the stage with old horses like Mushe, Mshasho and Gazza. “I have also performed at the World Music Day in Oshakati. I have also massive support from Ohangwena and Oshana regions since most of the listeners request my songs from the radio stations. At one time, I felt like giving up but thanks to my producer, family members and friends who encouraged and supported me spiritually.”

Source : New Era