New Local Marketing Association

There is a new Marketing Association of Namibia, which this time around has the Polytechnic of Namibia as its rallying body.

This new lobby group, for the marketing professionals, has the principal goal of raising awareness of the importance of Namibian customers, enhancing the service culture and raising customer care awareness.

It is not the first time a marketing association is formed in Namibia, even though all the preceding associations were short lived.

This time around though the Polytechnic of Namibia Rector, Professor Tjama Tjivikua, says the new association would “drive the course of getting the people’s voice into every organisation’s boardroom and championing the course of consumerism in Namibia through this association and other collaborative efforts in terms of applied research”. The association is the brainchild of the Polytechnic’s Department of Marketing and Logistics.

“The Marketing Association of Namibia will create a good platform when it comes to undertaking actions to shape trust and develop relationships. These relationships will promote and benefit the interests of marketers, marketing professionals, practitioners, academia, government, the private sector, non-governmental organistions and the general public through education, support and urging an ethically-inclined market that will promote fair play and collaborative initiatives to enhance multiple stakeholders’ expectations,” says one of the objectives of the association.

Sven Thieme the Executive Chairman of the Ohlthaver and List Group of Companies emphasised the importance of corporate social responsibility as a tool to success in business, stating that 21st century companies must embed corporate social responsibility into their operations and factor corporate social responsibility policies into all business decisions because their customers care about it.

Source : New Era