New Service Station and Truck Port Open in Rundu

Total Kavango Service Station and Truck Port officially opened in Rundu, making it the 7th and biggest petrol station in the town. The station is also the biggest in the region, with 10 petrol pumps, a Bonjour shop, Debonairs Pizza, Steers, a car wash and a Standard Bank ATM machine. It currently has 50 employees.

Minister of Mines and Energy, Isack Katali, opened the business last week Friday, 4 July. The station is a Total Namibia franchise owned by Micke Johannes du Preez, a resident of Rundu. Katali commended Du Preez for a job well done saying the station will make a difference as it will assist in providing employment.

“This place is made for us, because the service that is here is for us and therefore we must keep it the way we find it, if we find the place clean we must keep it clean,” he said.

Katali added that it’s not convenient that customers carry a lot of cash to fill up their cars and it’s neither safe: “So the use of credit and debit cards is good for consumers since petrol cards are no longer in use and somebody said that even the retailers are saved from keeping a lot of money.”

The Managing Director of Total Namibia, Chris Hoffman, congratulated the owner Du Preez for his hard work and assured him f the company’s support.

Du Preez said: “It’s the people of Kavango who have given me the spirit to become bigger and better and I’ve been grateful for their support ever since I have started doing business in the town. It’s an honour and privilege to be part of Total Namibia.”

Source : New Era