New Track Rolling for RC Off-RD Races

The fourth leg of the SKW Off-road RC Racing Series held recently had to down gear on championship status due to technical issues with the scoring system, and the day was therefore classified as a fun day with no points scored.

Since fun is what it’s all about with this adrenalin-pumping ‘boys with their toys’ mini motorsport sport, the day was still action packed from start to end. The 18 Buggy class saw four cars battle it out in a neck-to-neck race which saw dust fly, wheelies and manoeuvres with engines scream at top pitch.

It was no different in the 18 Truggy section, with six cars competing for the day. In addition was the class for Monster Trucks, where quite a few electric car models joined in for the day.

The next event in August has been cancelled, due to the track being broken down, and the start of building up a new track is already rolling. Over the next eight weekends loads of development will take place at the race arena, with the new international designed radio control Off-Rd track due to open with an official launch in September.

Source : New Era