Newly-established Oshana regional office opens its doors to public

OSHAKATI: The newly-established Oshana regional office of the Ministry of Home Affairs and Immigration, worth over N.dollars 30 million, opened its doors to the public at Oshakati yesterday.

China Civil Engineering Construction Namibia, supported by a number of local sub-contractors, constructed the office over the past 17 months.

Home Affairs and Immigration Minister Pendukeni Iivula-Ithana officially inaugurated the office in the presence of Home Affairs Deputy Minister Elia Kaiyamo, the Ministry’s Permanent Secretary Ambassador Patrick Nandago, Education Minister Dr David Namwandi, and governor Clemens Kashuupulwa of the Oshana Region.

In her opening address, Iivula-Ithana stated that the magnitude of the new office demonstrates the commitment and dedication of the Namibian government, particularly her ministry, to ensuring that the Oshana Region’s residents and surrounding areas receive efficient and timely services in a conducive environment.

The office will be a fully-fledged civil registration and immigration services facility.

She also pointed out that an applicant can use their mobile phone to send a text message to enquire whether their passport or ID is ready for collection, instead of travelling to the office.

The Home Affairs and Immigration Ministry, Iivula-Ithana said, has a crucial responsibility of ensuring that Namibian children are registered at birth and provided with birth certificates as per the United nations (UN) Convention on the Rights of the Children.