Newspaper Cup Brings Good Business for Locals

HELD over the Easter weekend, The Namibian Newspaper Cup did not only provide exciting football, but also presented a chance for locals to earn some income from selling various goods.

Tsumeb native Emelia Amadhila said The Namibian Newspaper Cup had brought her nothing but blessings as she got a chance to make some extra money.

“I’m a matron outside of Tsumeb, so during holidays and at times when there are tournaments or the Copper Festival, I make sure I sell meat and drinks as people are always hungry or thirsty,” said Amadhila, who erected a barbecue stand at the Oscar Norich Stadium where revellers got to enjoy delicious grilled meat ranging from N$10 to N$15 for a piece.

“For this tournament I spent about N$1 500 to buy meat, but the returns were more than what I put in.


During the Cup, Amadhila sold traditional chicken, beef and home-made bread with beverages on the side.

“It’s better to sell outside because then you get most of the customers who come early to the stadium to watch the games.

“Apart from that, I want to say that it’s difficult to get meat when the butchery is closed for Easter. I don’t know what I would have done if I didn’t buy enough stock,” she said.

When asked what set her product apart from the rest, Emelia said her sauce was the deal breaker.

“It’s a secret recipe that I don’t want to share. Most people who came to eat here told me that it is very nice,” she said. “I marinate my meat in the evening, so the spices mix very well with the meat by the time I braai it,” she said.

Renathe Gertze, another woman selling meat outside the stadium, said a lot of effort went into the preparation of their food to ensure they retain clientele.

“Everyone has a special way of preparing and marinating their sauce. Once your customer is hooked they will keep coming back to your stand,” Gertze pointed out.


Meanwhile, Julius Gaeseb from the local organising committee, could not contain his excitement regarding the overall running of the event.

“I am very happy about the turnout. The stadium was packed and it reminded me of the days when Chief Santos was a g force in local football, attracting large crowds,” he said with nostalgia. “It was also nice to see this large crowd of young people sober throughout the tournament, thanks to the ban of alcohol inside the stadium. The crowd was well behaved and very lively.”

Considering the fact that it was the middle of the month, Gaeseb said most of the food vendors were happy with the profits they made, adding that the event was an excellent opportunity for the local people to promote their businesses.

He also praised The Namibian newspaper for bringing the event to Tsumeb and said he liked the deacutecor at the stadium, which added to the carnival atmosphere of the tournament.

Source : The Namibian