NFA praises Hindjou and others for making office

WINDHOEK: The Namibia Football Association (NFA) President Frans Mbidi congratulated former Brave Warrior Johannes Congo Hindjou after he became Mayor of Okahandja for the town last Friday.

The former Brave Warrior became a Mayor following the regional and local government election held on 27 November 2015. In a statement availed to Nampa on Tuesday Mbidi praised Congo Hindjou for his new accomplishment saying former Brave Warrior mid fielder’s new position in society is should be admired and inspiring to the football family.

“Congo was a player and today he runs a town, a very historical town of Okahandja and that should really inspire all of us that the sky is the limit and whatever you put your mind to, all can happen if you do the right thing. All of us are indeed inspired by Congo’s achievements and other too from Omaheke region who have taken up position of empowering and developing their localities,” stated Mbidi

On his part the new Mayor of Ohahandja’s vision is to be people’s servant and leave behind a proud legacy .

“I played football and people remember me for that. I never did anything bad and I think that really helped me. My personality has taken this far. Don’t use your fame to look down on people but to put smiles on their faces and in this new journey of my life I want to do the best I can with all the people around me so that after we are gone, people can still say Congo and his team where here. We want to change our town and make it attractive again. “said Hindjou

He further requested current footballer to start preparing for the future. “ No one owns the future and for all of us, current and ex footballers, we need to put our mind onto something and work hard to make it otherwise we will remain the entertainers who after football live in poverty. You can be educated but if you missed it like I did, you can still survive with the right attitude”, continued Hindjou

Meanwhile in Omaheke region, John Risando Naoadoeb, Vice Chairperson of the of the Cattle Country Football league won a seat in the Gobabis Municipality, while chairperson of Eastern Chiefs Ignatius Kariseb, is new the Councilor in the Kalahari Constituency and he is also the chairperson of the Omaheke regional Council ,chairperson of the Leonardville Footfall Club Rudolf Shomongula, was elected Chairperson of the Leonardville Village Council.

Chairperson of King Kauluma (KK)Palace football club Paavo “Kansas City” Amwele is elected Mayor of Ondangwa with former Golden Bigs Club player Hano Kapenda elected as the Okaku constituency Councilor and chairperson of the Oshana Regional Council.