Nghimtina Cleans Up Govt Property

MINISTER of Works and Transport Erkki Nghimtina has been accused of side-stepping regulations and unilaterally allocating a government property, which was already earmarked for allocation to another government institution, to a private individual.

The minister, however, denied any wrong doing, saying he was merely doing a case study to catch complacent officials at the Ministry of Works and Transport. He said he contracted a private individual to clean the property which has not been occupied for 24 years.

The property in question is a house situated between the Office of the Founding President and Communication House along Robert Mugabe Avenue.

It was allocated to the Communication Regulatory Authority of Namibia (CRAN) through the Ministry of Information, Communication Technology in 2011.

The plan is to merge the property with Communication House the Namibia Communication Commission, where CRAN’s predecessor was accommodated.

Nghimtina said the building is a case against his officials because he is fed up with officials refusing to do their jobs.

“I am sick and tired of being accused of not looking after Government properties,” he said, adding that government properties have been allowed to decay. He warned he was investigating the state of government properties and added that he sent a team to investigate the state of government houses at Grootfontein.

Nghimtina said that after he hired a private contractor to clean up the property, his officials then informed him that the house had been allocated to CRAN and that he had signed for the allocation in 2011.

He also questioned what his officials had been doing for the past three years.

CRAN chief executive officer Stanley Shanapinda confirmed that the building had been allocated to CRAN, that the Ministry of Works and Transport already sought Treasury approval and that Cabinet approval is awaited before the building is transferred to CRAN.

Sources told The Namibian that CRAN officials were surprised at seeing people cleaning up the property last month.

Nghimtina said he was appalled by the “shameful” state of government houses and officials who are not doing anything about their condition.

Source : The Namibian