Nghimtina Survives Accident Outside Otavi

Works and Transport Minister, Erkki Nghimtina on Monday survived a serious road accident on B1 road outside Otavi in the Otjozondjupa Region.

The accident took place at 17h30, on the turn-off to the Etunda Fuel Station, situated 30 kilometres (km) outside Otavi on the road to Otjiwarongo.

A white government truck from the Otjiwarongo Government Garage, with registration number GRN 6483, and a private XC 90 Volvo Station Wagon belonging to Nghimtina were involved in the accident.

The truck was transporting several maize meal bags, which were destined to the Tsumkwe Constituency for the government’s drought relief programme.

According to an eyewitness, who requested for anonymity, the government truck and the black private Volvo of the minister were following each other from the direction of Otjiwarongo to Otavi.

He said the minister had allegedly tried to overtake the truck which was in front of him.

“I then saw the Volvo rapidly reducing speed, and as a result hit the government truck on its rear bumper,” said the eyewitness, who claimed to have seen everything happening as he allegedly stood alongside the road at the time of accident.

He said both drivers then lost control over their vehicles, veering off the road in different directions.

The government truck ploughed through a newly constructed bridge before rolling several times.

“Nghimtina’s Volvo drove across the road on the right side, and rolled more than five times,” he said.

The Volvo allegedly came to halt some 150 metres from where the impact first occurred.

The Namibian Police Force (NamPol)’s Otjozondjupa Regional Deputy Commissioner, Gerhard Uataurua Mavenjono said Nghimtina was admitted to the Mediclinic Otjiwarongo in stable condition on Monday evening.

“He is here at the Mediclinic. The X-ray indicates no fractures, nor whatever. He only complains of chest pains probably because of the impact from the airbags,” said Mavenjono.

Mavenjono added that Nghimtina is able to speak and walk on his own.


Source : The Namibian