Ngurare Engages Artists Over the Cypher News

VARIOUS artists from the Namibian entertainment industry took to the office of the Swapo Party Youth League on Friday to air their grievances about a local entertainment website, The Cypher News, which has been publishing defamatory articles about Namibian musicians.

Directing their complaints to the secretary general of the SPYL, Elijah Ngurare, the group included artists like Tequila, Sula Kyababa of Ogoba Butterfly, Sally, K-Boz, Araffath and D-Naff.

Ngurare said he decided to get involved because of the importance of the entertainment industry in Namibia and because of the concerns arising from the infighting within the industry.

“As a principle, SPYL and Swapo, as a whole, support the local entertainment industry. When we are investing in art, we are investing in the nation and because of that, the growth of the entertainment industry is a benefit to the nation,” Ngurare said.

He added that he had listened to the concerns raised by the artists regarding the website and vowed to look into the matter, investigate it and reach out to the aggrieved artists and the entire entertainment industry in finding a solution.

“There are a lot of things that we need to find out, like the legal personality of The Cypher News and its affiliation to Omalaeti.

“The crux of the complaint has been noted, we have heard the pain that you are feeling and it will be taken up. The music industry should not be destroyed but rather grow,” Ngurare said.

The Cypher News website, which allegedly is affiliated to the Omalaeti music label, has been writing online articles about artists and personalities within the entertainment industry.

Some of the articles accuse artists of exchanging sexual favours for services rendered and accuses some artists of alleged promiscuous behaviour.

Artists D-Naff, Arrafath and Tequila, as well as social personalities like Dillish Matthews, have all been victims of the website which is allegedly run by Chris Paul, a reporter at The Villager newspaper.

While most of the artists, as well as various members of the public, believe that the articles are written by Paul, Paul vowed that he has no connection whatsoever to the website.

He said that he could only comment with permission from his employers.

“What I can tell you is that I do not work for Cypher. I am used to having my name dragged through the mud and associated with negativity. People know that I have followers and that my name sells, so now they attach my name to sell,” Paul said.

The Namibian has learned that although the Cypher is hosted by Omalaeti, it is allegedly in no way affiliated with the music label.

Ngurare also explained that Omalaeti was never meant to be a business and that the concept was “to unite Namibian talent, attract and correct the Namibian youth”.

“We are against anything and anybody who wants to bring the industry down,” Ngurare said.

Paul has in previous media reports confirmed he wrote the ‘Middlefinger’ column, which was known for its controversial articles about artists and personalities.

Source : The Namibian