Nkurenkuru Offers Many Opportunities

With the population on the increase in the town of Nkurenkuru in Kavango West Region, opportunities for business abound.

Twenty-three-year, old Fillemon Luhiti took aantage of the business opportunities at Nkurenkuru and decided to open a business that repairs and mends vehicle tyres.

The ambitious, young man opened his own tyre repair and replacement business on 25 August.

Luhiti says business is booming at the town that has seen exponential growth in recent years.

He came up with the idea to provide services for people after he worked at a garage in the north at Oshikango and realised he could also open his own business for repairing and mending tyres.

Luhiti requested his brother to buy him equipment so that he could fulfill his dream.

“I worked at Oshikango Garage and there I realised that this business can make money and I resigned and came to Nkurenkuru to start my own tyre repair and replacement business,” he says.

Luhiti further told New Era that business is going well for him in the past four weeks that he has been in business in a town far from home.

“I think business is moving fast as I have customers bringing in their tyres constantly and maybe that’s because there are only two businesses of this kind in Nkurenkuru,” he said.

As many young Namibians face unemployment, Fillemon says one day he will be able to assist by creating jobs for residents of Kavango West.

“Now I work alone, but in the near future I want to be able to employ others. I plan to expand my business, I want to sell tyres as well as have my own car wash because these services are badly needed in Nkurenkuru. I will also need a better place to work from as this is temporary.

The g-minded youth is originally from Omboloka village in Ohangwena Region, he only has a grade 12 certificate and skills he learned from his previous job. He rents a space at Nkurenkuru open market, were he erected his own zinc structure workshop. “This is only temporary, just a beginning,” he said

Nkurenkuru is the capital of the newly proclaimed Kavango West Region and thus needs services to cater for the demand of its growing population.

Many people still travel for services to Rundu in Kavango East which is 130 km east of Nkurenkuru.

Source : New Era