No Charges Against Father for Beating Rape Suspect

THE man who beat up a suspected rapist moments after he had allegedly violated his 18 year-old daughter will not be arrested for the assault.

The teenager was allegedly raped on Wednesday morning at around 10h00 in the veld near Keetmanshoop’s Koppieslaagte residential area. Police Deputy Commissioner Rudolf Isaaks yesterday said no police docket had been opened against the rape victim’s father as the suspect he had beaten is reluctant to lay a charge of assault.

“Police can’t just arrest and charge people without a criminal case being laid against them,” Isaaks remarked. He also said the suspect was arrested, and a rape case opened against him after he was taken for medical treatment for injuries the rape victim’s father had inflicted on him during the attack.

“He only got stitches on his head for the open wounds he sustained,” said Isaaks, adding that the suspect is expected in court on a charge of rape today. The teenager’s father, whose name cannot be disclosed due to ethical reasons, admitted on Tuesday that he and his son had beaten up the suspect. “I have beaten him with a rubber axe handle all over his body and head,” said the man. He said he was angered by the police’s slow response to investigate the rape, and decided to hunt down the suspect himself after his daughter had given him a description of her assailant. Karas police regional commander Armas Shivute yesterday condemned Wednesday’s mob justice, saying it is ‘unjustifiable’.

“As police, we shall never tolerate kangaroo courts that are illegally convened to decide the fate of other people’s lives. That is criminality and nothing else,” Shivute said angrily. Shivute reminded the public that their task is to report crime to the police for them to arrest the perpetrators.

“I urge the public to be guided by the rule of law and hand over suspects to the police for the law to take it course,” Shivute appealed.

The regional commander also warned would-be criminals that they won’t enjoy freedom in Karas region if they break the laws of the country.

Source : The Namibian