No Foot-and-Mouth Disease in Ohangwena

THE directorate of veterinary services in the Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Forestry in Ohangwena region has not yet detected any presence of foot-and-mouth disease since issuing a warning last week.

In a press statement, the agriculture ministry announced the immediate implementation of the national foot-and-mouth disease contingency plan within the region in line with the Animal Health Act 1 of 2011, after an African buffalo was killed in the Okongo constituency in May.

Another buffalo was killed by the police after it had attacked a 46-year-old man at Onangama village in the Ongenga constituency.

Last month, the ministry recalled the movement of livestock from the region and enacted the closure of the Eloolo Oshakati Meatco abattoir for cattle from Ohangwena region.

State veterinarian Nehemia Hedimbi confirmed yesterday that they have not yet received any cases of foot-and-mouth disease.

“Ever since the ministry issued a warning about the possibility of the disease in the region, we have not recorded any case.

We are still trying to find out whether the livestock in the region are infected or not. But for now, we can say nothing has been reported,” said Hedimbi.

He rubbished rumours that there are still five more buffaloes roaming in the region.

“It’s not true. There were only two buffaloes in the region, which were both killed last month. Currently, there are no buffaloes in the region,” he said.

Hedimbi further said both of the buffaloes were suspected to have come from Angola or from Kavango East, where there are game parks in the vicinity.

Source : The Namibian