No free water at Omaruru anymore

OMARURU: The Omaruru Town Council will soon install water meters at individual houses in the town’s Five Rand informal settlement to prevent residents from using water for free.

This follows numerous complaints from residents that some dwellers ‘ride on the backs of others’ when it comes to settling the water bill of the one water meter in this area.

All water taps at the houses in Five Rand are connected to one water meter, and residents share the bill at the end of every month by dividing the costs amongst themselves in equal amounts.

Four house owners told Nampa at the settlement, situated 62 kilometres north of Karibib on Saturday that the settlement’s committee members bring the water bill to residents to pay, but some people do not pay at all.

“This month, me and my sister will have to pay N.dollars 300, but I am not sure if the water we used amounts to such money.

So, it is better if we have our own meter, and only pay for water we used,” Rudolf Haakulya stated.

Fellow resident Ruben Nganyone added that many unemployed people, like himself, foot the bills of others – some of whom are employed.

He indicated that they are forced to pay for water, even when they have been away from their houses over holidays.

“Some people stay on farms, and only come here over weekends. They suffer the most because they are supposed to pay less as they do not use much water,” Nganyone felt.

He added that at one point, the town council told them that whoever wants a water meter must pay N.dollars 500. But when they paid, the council took long to install these meters.

“When they took forever to install our water meters, we told them to give our money back. So, they gave it back to us,” he added.

The settlement does not have electricity, but has flush toilets.

The acting Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Omaruru, Penda Nghaamwa told this agency on Tuesday that he is aware of the situation, and that the water meters would be installed very soon.

“We are sorting it out. 450 water meters have already been delivered, so it is just a matter of time before we put them up,” he said.