No Killer Baby At Coast

Fabricated stories and text messages warning people not to open their doors for strangers or a crying baby boy who is apparently sent by a witchdoctor to kill innocent people has spread like wildfire at the coast since last week Thursday.

However the Namibian police crime co-ordinator for the Erongo Region, Deputy Commissioner Ottilie Kashuupulwa yesterday denied such claims as being untrue.

Kashuuplwa yesterday morning told New Era that she also received a text message warning her not to open her door if someone knocks, or if a child cries at the door around 00h00. The message further said that anyone who opens his or her door would collapse and die and their souls collected for the witchdoctor.

Kashuuplwa said that no one has actually come forward with any further details or information or had reported such an incident to the police and thus it was not true at all. This latest rumour follows shortly after a another story circulated about two women who were apparently killed over the weekend by their boyfriends. This follows shortly after the body of Bernadine ‘Didi’ Baumgarten was discovered in the dunes.

Last week residents also informed New Era about some body parts of a boy that were apparently found in Swakopmund. The body was allegedly mutilated and dumped at the Swakopmund municipal sewerage works in Mondesa. However no proof or any evidence was found by Nampol to confirm the allegations.

Kashuupluwa urged residents to refrain from spreading such messages as they are causing fear among people.

“These stories are absolutely not true and residents should not spread such rumours or implicate anyone in such rumours,” she said.

Source : New Era